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Jul 21,

AC outlet power bank is more and more important.

If you want to power or charge a small, AC-based device such as a laptop when power outlets are out of reach, you should get the Charge Tech Portable power outlet. It’s essentially the same thing as a USB-only battery pack, but with higher capacity and an AC outlet. The Charge Tech stood out among the small models we tested because it offered the best balance of size, capacity, and price.


About the size of a small hardcover book, it’s compact enough for you to carry it in a laptop bag, backpack, or carry-on, but it holds enough energy to completely charge a large laptop—or charge the smallest models two or three times over. If you need to power more than just a laptop or some other small device but a gas generator is out of the question, we like the PS100N Power Generator for its higher capacity and output, as well as its top-notch build quality—even if it’s too big and too heavy to lug around all the time.

ost mobile electronics can charge just fine from USB battery packs, any of which are smaller and less expensive, and built with fewer complicated circuits, than the picks in this guide. But a pack with a standard AC outlet is a more versatile power source, suitable for the odd situations when USB won’t do the trick. For example, if you frequently work away from a traditional desk, or if you have a laptop with supper battery life, a portable AC power pack lets you roam farther than just the one table near the outlet at your local coffee shop. If you’re in the car for hours on end with your family, a pack can keep toys and games charged so cranky kids (and adults) stay entertained. If you’re a frequent flier, you can plug in a laptop on a long flight without needing to pay a premium for a seat with an outlet—and without needing to carry single-use adapters. The more power you need, however, the more expensive and unwieldy the AC power pack.


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