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Jun 23,

How can PS100N makes your life easier ?

5 years ago,while you go out and have a trip,you need only take cellphone and wallet or something others.But now,can you imagine that what will happened you forget a dateline or a powerbank ?

Since you buy smartphone,tablet and some digital products,you must bring some powersource when you go out,otherwise you will not be able to work and have any activities.

So, what can PS100N bring for you ?

This PS100N portable solar generator is a lightweight generator with power storage to provide energy for outdoor life and work. Besides 120W power AC outlet, it also equips with 110V(or 220V) output and as USB output with 2.4A ouput. Huge capacity 41,600mAh makes it fully support all powering demands like Notebook , computer, fans,mini refrigerator,handheld devices,mobile phones and other more 5V or 110V(220V) devices and so on.

Technical Specification:
Inverter: 110V 60Hz(or 220V,50Hz) ,120W pure sine-wave  

Battery:  Li-ion 154Wh
Input-1:  DC 19V/2A (by solar panel or adapter)
Input-2:  5V/2A (By Type-C )
Power Outputs:
AC Output : 110V 60Hz (or 220V,50Hz)  x 1 (Max 120W)
USB Ports : Dual USB  5V/2.4A  
For smaller home appliances

Product size: 200*83*83MM

Net Weight: 1.45Kg      
If you have PS100N when you go out,you'll never care you 'll be low power,it will charge your advices anytime and anywhere, that's what will iforway bring for you and how it makes your life easier.

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