Portable Power Station

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Faster Charging Speed,Less Waiting Time

Lithium battery version

One-stop energy solution

Choose your way Charging HS1800

Supports 90% of household appliances

The large capacity means it can now power a wider range of heavy equipment. Say goodbye to the worries of outdoor cooking. On a hot summer day, when the power is out, turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the cool breeze!

Excellence doesn't stop there

Serves as a reliable backup power source at home or as a powerful solar generator on adventures, offering a massive 1024Wh capacity and an impressive output of up to 2000W. Wherever you need effortless power, this is your best choice.

Go Green, Live Sustainable

Sustainable solar energy provides you with a constant flow of energy, saving energy consumption while reducing our budget. Maximum 800W solar input, can be fully charged in just 3 hours on a sunny day, efficiently obtaining renewable energy

Green energy, safe and sustainable

With less than 20ms Switching Time, you never have to worry about losing power at home or losing progress on important work in the event of a power failure. Everything from lights in highly-used rooms and fridges to medical devices, computers, and more won’t fail.

Power your home more safely

The HS1800 is an excellent solution for keeping your devices charged during power outages and keeping critical medical equipment running. Since you don't need to use dangerous fuels like gasoline or diesel, you can store it safely indoors and keep all your home appliances in peak working order.

Battery Management System

Performance plus safety

Confidence comes when you know your battery can take care of its own. The battery management system self regulates to keep your portable power station performing its best when it’s pushed to the limit.

OEM Portable Power Station

Consult now to create your own portable power station brand

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