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Portable Power Station

Something You Should Know About Our Solar Generators For Home

HS3600: Your always reliable power supply

HS3600 is specially designed for indoor and outdoor scenes, with a capacity of 3072Wh and a continuous output of 3600W, which is powerful. Thanks to its ultra-fast charging speed and portable design, it is an on-the-go charging station suitable for many applications.

Power Pretty Much Anything

Equipped with 3600W constant output power and 3072Wh capacity, the HS3600 can meet most power needs. It also has a power boost mode, which can provide 5400W peak power to easily run high-power equipment. Multiple outputs, including AC outlet, USB-A, USB-C, 12V DC outlet, and wireless charging pad, are designed for off-grid living or versatile charging on the go.

3 simple ways to charge quickly

MPPT technology guarantees 99% solar charging efficiency, AC charging time (from 0 - 100% power) takes 3 hours, and solar charging takes 6 hours. Support car charging, no longer have to worry about power outages!

Go Green, Live Sustainable

Power your fun with unlimited solar power. HS3600 provides a perfect solution to save energy consumption while reducing our budget. With a maximum solar input of 600W, the HS3600 can be fully charged in just 6 hours on a sunny day, efficiently obtaining renewable energy.

One Hour to Charge, All Day to Power

The efficient charging rate ensures that the battery can be fully charged in a short time. With just one charge, the HS3600 offers extended battery life for your essentials at home or on the field. Input power up to 1,000W, 0-100% charge in just 3 hours! You can now rest easy knowing that ready-to-use power is always within reach

Safe, Reliable, Durable

Safety always comes first. The HS3600 is equipped with the safest LiFePO4 battery, ensuring durability and over 3,000 life cycles. Also backed by a 1-year warranty and first-class service for added peace of mind.

Battery Management System

Performance Plus Safety

OEM Portable Power Station

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