154Wh Portable Solar Generator iForway

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41,600mAh capacity. The compact portable solar generator has a variety of outputs including 110V/220V AC outlet inverter, Flashlight torch,Fast charging port & dual USB device charge ports for simultaneous charging,Suitable for camping, CPAP machine, emergency etc.


120W AC Output

Power Up to any 120W appliances, run mini fridges,TVs, CPAP machines, outdoor lighting and more


Variety of ports and powering options allows you to charge up and run multiple devices all at the same time

Solar Recharged

Collect and store power directly from the sun by pairing iForway battery generator with our portable, rugged solar panels 

Main Feature

  • AC Outlet: 120W Pure Sine Wave
  • MPPT solar charging controller
  • QC 3.0 Port: 5V/3A,9V/2A Max 18W
  • 2 x USB-A Ports: 5V/2.4A per port
  • DC Input: 38W
  • Highlight torch
  • 4 LED remaining power indicator
  • Size:230*90*90mm
  • Weight:1.8Kg
  • Power Inverter: Pure Sine Wave
  • Protection: 12 layers
  • AC Version:110V, 220V
  • AC Plug Version: Universal,UK,US 
  • Recharging: wall adapter, solar panels

All in one 

iForway PS100 portable solar generator has a variety of outputs including AC output,USB outputs,QC3.0 outputs, flashlight torch,

for simultaneous charging, suitable for emergency, medical treatment,CPAP machines, Camping etc. 

battery generator all in one 120W

What you can charge

                       and more...


120W AC Output 

We used pure sine wave power inverter, constant AC output 120W, Peak power 200W can provide power up to 120W to charge your laptops, TV, mini refrigerators,CPAP machines, DSLR camera and more

battery generator

What you can charge

            and more

Select the correct AC output version for different countries.Japan & US:110V, other countries 220V

battery generator solar panel solar charger

QC 3.0 Quick Charger 

Support 5V/3A,9V/2A quick charger for the smartphones based on the appliances to provide fastest charging speed.Max 18W

quick charger 3.0

What you can charge

            and more

Intelligent USB identifies what's plugged in and delivers the fastest, most efficient charge possible, without overheating or overcharging

Rapid Charging USB Ports

Single USB output max 2.4A, total share 24W output 

fast charging USB port for smartphones
          and more
Two high speed USB ports provide rapid power for compatible phones, tablets, game players and more

brighten up emergency

Light Up Your life

Lights are engineered to brighten up in any situation, from emergency outage to a night in the backcountry when you need.

flashlight torch indoors and out


iForway lithium ion battery generator accept max 38W power input and recharge full in 4-5hours, within MPPT charging technology, it also can be recharge by solar panels which voltage in 18-25V




Ask a Question
  • What kind of battery do you use inside?

    For this model, we use lithium ion battery inside, which is High energy density, No requirement for priming, Low maintenance and low Self-discharge rate.

  • How long can this battery pack run a lamp with a 10w LED light?

    Our PS100 is 154wh, consider the energy conversion efficiency, about 80%, it can light up your lights at least 12 hours.

  • Can i charge this unit with any solar panel on the market?

    You can use other solar panels to charge it, but the power of solar panels should not exceed 40W. It will be protected and will not charge the 154WH product.

  • Is it noisy when it runs?

    No noise at all, our product.don't worry about it.

  • How can I buy a PS100N generator in Hong Kong where I live? Can I get a UK 240v a/c outlet?

    Yes, You can buy one, please make the notes that you need UK plug and also need UK power cord.

  • Can the solar generator be charged by using 240v of power

    PS100N portable solar generator is suitable to be recharged by adapter or by solar panel, and our original adapter spec: 90-265V input, and output 19V/2A, so if your country voltage is 240V, it is in the voltage range, you can recharge, and if you use solar panel to charge this lithium ion battery generator, the output voltage range of solar panel shall be 18-25V

  • Will this generator work with photography Strobes?

    If the phtography strobes power is less than 120W, yes, this solar powered generator can power for it,and also it can power for smartphone,tables,drones and more, it was build-in 154Wh capacity,with 120W pure since wave inverter which allows to work with any home applicances devices which is less than 120W power.

  • Can you power this battery generator while it is charging?

    PS100N camping generator has pass-through charging function,when you recharge it,you can power devices which you want to charge