G20 Portable Power Station


1. Supports fast charging up to 1000W Max.
2. 600W MPPT Solar charging technology.
3. 1800W AC output for outdoor needs.
4. Smart APP control via WIFI/Bluetooth.
5. Wireless charging module for extra portability.
6. 12V/30A DC for Car life.

Reliable backup power

The G20 ensures uninterrupted power during emergencies and acts as a reliable backup
power supply, providing the necessary power to keep your equipment running smoothly
when the main power supply is interrupted.

Multifunctional Portable Power Station

Power On-the-Go

The G20 Portable Power Station is an integrated balcony energy storage solution, combining photovoltaic MPPT charging, a battery electric energy storage system, and inverter output functions. It saves you from complex installations and the expense of additional modules.

Multi-Port Design, Plug And Play

A 1800W pure sine wave AC output delivers high power, covering the electrical needs of 90% of outdoor appliances.

Latest standard PD protocol

Adopting the cutting-edge 'PD 3.1 charging protocol,' it can deliver a substantial 140W output to maintain your devices' energy needs.

1800W High Power Supply

The G20 portable power station features multiple power supply ports and supports compatibility with most household appliances.