Powerful All-in-one Portable Power Station

1. 3600W AC output for home needs.
2. Supports fast charging up to 1500W.
3. 1200W MPPT Solar charging technology.
4. Advanced expansion technology supports unlimited battery expansion.
5. Smart APP control via WIFI/Bluetooth.
6. Wireless charging module for extra portability.
7. 12V/50A RV-specific power interface for stable supply.
8. Balcony energy storage connects with the home grid.

New trends in future energy storage

G36-Energy storage technology provides sustainable solutions for renewable energy.

All-in-one Portable Power Station

3600W High Power Supply

Supports multiple charging methods, including 400V high-voltage fast charging, solar charging (12-80V/1200W), and 12V50A car charging, ensuring you can easily replenish power in any environment. No matter where you are, power is always sufficient.

Balcony Energy Storage System

The G36 Energy Storage Power Supply is an integrated balcony energy storage solution, combining photovoltaic MPPT charging, a battery electric energy storage system, and inverter output functions. It saves you from complex installations and the expense of additional modules.

Maximize Green Energy

G36 supports the charging and storage of various green energies, mitigating the environmental harm caused by fossil fuels.

Home Backup Power

With battery expansion technology, G36 can be paired with expanded battery packs to form a battery array, achieving unlimited capacity expansion.

Save Household Expenses

Energy storage units contribute to household savings by harnessing and managing solar energy, alongside strategic charging and discharging when electricity rates vary.

Self-sufficient electricity supply.

With the integration of rooftop photovoltaic solar energy and G36 intelligent battery matrices, you can turn your household into a self-sustaining 'Energy Empire'.

Efficient Solar Charging, Power Anytime, Anywhere

No matter where you are, as long as there is sunlight, you can easily recharge your devices. Whether camping in the wild or on a long trip, the 1200W MPPT solar charging function ensures worry-free power supply.

Supper Fast Charging

Whether it's a refrigerator, microwave, or air conditioner, it handles everything with ease. Make your RV life more comfortable and convenient without worrying about insufficient power.

Easy Power, RV Adventures

This 3600W product offers a long-lasting and stable power supply, easily powering various appliances and devices in your RV.

140W PD Power Support

Adopting the cutting-edge 'PD 3.1 charging protocol,' it can deliver a substantial 140W output to maintain your devices' energy needs.