M50 Portable Power Station


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Tech Spec

AC Output:2*5000W Max
USB-A Port:1* 5V/2.4A
Car Sorkect:1*12V/10A Max
AC Input: 1500W(230V)/1200W(110V)
Solar Input:12-80V/1200WMax
Cycle Life:2000+

Unlock Possibilities, Continuous Power

Charge Anywhere, Life More Convenient - Its easy-to-carry design, coupled with various charging methods and output interfaces, makes life conveniently powered everywhere.

A good helper for outdoor homework

High power suitable for various electrical appliances, environmentally
friendly and high-energy

Choice exceeds expectations, energy exceeds imagination

Unlike gasoline power generation, it provides you with battery life in the event of a power outage, allowing you to keep your
equipment running. The MPPT solar input device with a capacity of up to 1200W can quickly charge or maintain device operation
without depleting the panel load battery. Do you remember when you were worried about a power outage? Don't worry anymore, let's get to know each other better

Replacing diesel generatorsEnergy Storage Power

Reliable power for longer

Maximum solar input: 1200W

Reduce your electricity bills and strain on the grid by drawing power from the M50 to power your home during peak
tariff hours. Charge your M50 during off-peak hours using
low-cost or renewable energy sources.

Supports High-Power Charging

The M50 supports high-power charging, significantly reducing
charging time. It eliminates the need to occupy charging equipment
for long periods, enhancing convenience in both daily life and work.
With a more efficient charging process, it reduces energy waste and
provides an excellent long-lasting battery experience

Intelligent Power Management

Usage scenarios

Flexible power plants that meet various scenarios and have different uses.

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