Portable Power Station

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835wh capacity,1000w ACoutput

HS800 has 835wh capacity, 1000w stable output, 1500w peak power, and can power up to 8 devices at the same time.

Multiple port options

Power a wide range of devices with seven different port options including fast-charging:

1* 100W USB-C Power Delivery,

1* 18W USB-C Power Delivery,

1* QC3.0 USB-A port,

1* regulated Car 12V,

1* 12VDC 5525 Port

3* 110V(230V option) AC ports.

Fastest Charging From The Wall

iForway’s patented Super-Q technology brings in 300W from the wall, going from 0–100% in 1.5 hour. Change the charging speed to fit the need.

150W solar input

Charge the HS800 from the sun with our portable solar panels while away from the grid and keep it topped off from a wall outlet when you’re home. Featured MPPT charge controller ensures you’re getting the most efficient solar charge possible.

Power from the car

Plug into your vehicle's 12V or 24V outlet using the iForway 12V Car Charging Cable

NOTE: Do not attempt to charge your HS800 from a 12V/24V source using any other cable.

Best battery

iForway HS800 uses a brand new lithium iron phosphate battery, the advantages are as follows

* Long life: 2000 cycles

* Large capacity: the same volume is 2-3 times that of ordinary batteries

* Safety: High temperature resistance. Does not swell and explode

* Stable: charge and use at any time without damaging the capacity

* Eco-friendly: Green and environmentally friendly, no heavy metals

* Light weight: only one third of the weight of the same capacity battery

Optional AC Plug

iForway produces a variety of socket interfaces according to different socket standards in various countries to meet the needs of customers in different countries





Battery Management System

Performance Plus Safety

OEM Portable Power Station

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