Portable Power Station

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Portable Power Station


The Do-It-All Solution for Outdoor Needs

With a single unit capacity of 576Wh, the WL-1000pro is ideal for powering multiple essential devices for hours on end during a power outage.

Power almost anything

Appliances that

Dual mode LED light

Continuous Illumination, Emergency Flashing

Maximum power minimum fuss

Powers 90% of critical equipment.
Does the whole family need electricity? No problem, the HS800 procan power multiple devices

Three Types of Charging

150W solar panel, charging up to 4 hours, when you are ready to hit the road, please use the car socket to charge the HS800

Power multiple devices simultaneously

Never get caught in the dark

Stay powered up faster than you can blink. When used as an emergency power source during a power outage, the HS800 will provide you with power for short periods of time

Unwavering Strength, Zero Concessions

In contrast to traditional gas generators, the HS800 functions almost silently, emits no smoke, and necessitates no maintenance. Our battery management systems boast a well-established history in demanding conditions, adeptly managing current, voltage, and temperature in real-time.

OEM Portable Power Station

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