M50 Na+


M50 Na+ Portable Power Station


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Tech Spec

AC Output:2*5000W Max
USB-A Port:1* 5V/2.4A
Car Sorkect:1*12V/10A Max
AC Input: 1500W(230V)/1200W(110V)
Solar Input:12-80V/1200WMax
Cycle Life:2000+

Unlock Possibilities, Continuous Power

Charge Anywhere, Life More Convenient - Its easy-to-carry design, coupled with various charging methods and output interfaces, makes life conveniently powered everywhere.

All-in-one Portable Power Station

Even in cold conditions, it can provide you with powerful energy

Sodium-ion batteries offer unique advantages in the field
ofportable power station.

The Land of Extremes: Where Anything is Possible

Sodium batteries can withstand low temperatures up to -40 ℃
and still operate normally. They can withstand high temperatures up to 60 ℃ and can be used for a long time, resulting in
more stable and reliable performance

Your Reliable Outdoor Work Assistant

High power output, suitable for various appliances, environmentally
friendly and efficient

Exceeding Expectations: Power Beyond Imagination

The M50 offers the advantages of large capacity and high charging power, providing continuous electricity during power outages to ensure the normal operation of household devices. Remember the worry of power outages? With the M50, you can put
those concerns to rest.

Replacing diesel generatorsEnergy Storage Power

Maximum solar input: 1200W

Reduce your electricity bills and strain on the grid by drawing power from the M50 to power your home during peak
tariff hours. Charge your M50 during off-peak hours using
low-cost or renewable energy sources.

Supports High-Power Charging

The M50 supports high-power charging, significantly reducing
charging time. It eliminates the need to occupy charging equipment
for long periods, enhancing convenience in both daily life and work.
With a more efficient charging process, it reduces energy waste and
provides an excellent long-lasting battery experience

Intelligent Power Management

Usage scenarios

Flexible power plants that meet various scenarios and have different uses.

High Output, The World Follows You

Enduring Power, Constantly Accompanying - Combines Sodium-ion battery and ultra-fast charge technology to ensure continuous and stable power output.

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